Badfish I.R.S. 7-2 SUP Board

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The Badfish Inflatable River Surfer (IRS) blends the portability and durability of an inflatable SUP with the performance of a composite board. The I.R.S. was developed to make river surfing more accessible to more people. Based on the proven design of the 6'11" River Surfer, the IRS has progressive rocker in the nose and tail to prevent the nose from pearling while shredding even the smallest river waves. At 7'2", 33" wide and 6' thick, the IRS is stable enough for beginning surfers yet the perfect travel board for seasoned paddlers. If you're looking for an ultra portable inflatable river surfing machine, this is an option worth looking at!

Badfish I.R.S. 7-2 SUP Board Features:

  • Length: 7'2"
  • Width: 33"
  • Thickness: 6"
  • Uses: River Surfing, Ocean Surfing, Travel, Kids
  • Fins: Three glue on fins
  • flap pack backpack
  • High volume pump with an inline pressure gauge
  • Color matched rubber patch kit